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Family Law

Prenuptial agreements

Although everyone thinks they will be in love forever, statistically speaking more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. A Prenuptial Agreement means that if the worst happens, the asset side of the divorce has already been decided.


Divorce is, unfortunately, something that happens in over 50% of marriages. Wrangles over property and child custody can become toxic and expensive. At Biribin and Biribin, we always try the route of mediation first – if a mutually agreeable divorce decree can be found, that is highly preferable than a long, expensive legal battle that hurts both sides.

Divorce can be a very destructive process for a family. At Biribin and Biribin our goal is to ensure that you, as our client, are well informed and understand what your choices are, as well as the consequences of each choice.

Should litigation be necessary, we will use everything at our disposal to achieve the desired outcome.We offer a risk free initial half hour consultation to determine what is in your best interests.

Juvenile delinquency

Children grow up to be teenagers, and the combination of peer pressure and hormones can sometimes make for less than perfect decisions by young people. We understand that these unfortunate decisions should not always effect the rest of a young person’s life. We will research case law, negotiate for community service – basically, we will do whatever we can to give your child a second chance. The most important thing is for parents to call us FIRST so that your child has representation from the very beginning.


When nature does not follow the expected course, adoption is a viable option for starting a family. However, some couples do not choose this path because of the perception that the legal hurdles are almost insurmountable. However, we have the experience and connections to make adoption a smooth process.

Name Change

Whatever the reason, we can assist with the paperwork needed for you to change your name. We also give you council on what things you need to do to ensure the name change is applied to all the proper documents in your life.