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Commercial Law


Anytime there is a contract there is the possibility of a dispute. Whether it’s one side not performing as per the agreement, or a misunderstanding about what the agreement actually says, we can help. We always encourage both sides to consider mediation prior to taking a dispute to court. If the dispute can be settled out of court, everybody wins.

Construction litigation

We can help both clients and contractors with any disputes in the construction realm. Because of the complexities of construction, and the human propensity to not communicate fully, there are often mismatched expectations on both sides regarding construction.

Creation/Dissolution of businesses

When you create a business, there is always paperwork! Once you have consulted with your CPA and you have determined which type of business structure you wish to create, we can assist with the paperwork needed to establish your new business. And, if the unspeakable happens and you need to close your business, we can assist with filing the correct forms and closing down the business so that no loose ends are left behind.